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Reach out the remote Eastern Congo

As a blogger on and doctoral researcher, I found an interest and feel dedicated to reach out the remote rural villages of the Eastern Congo. As a native of the South-Kivu province/the Democratic Republic of Congo who have witnessed and experienced at the first hand the consequences of state fragility during the Mobutu’s dictatorship and recurring wars that followed his ouster, I remain concerned over the less balanced regular reporting on the real situation in the Eastern Congo.

Besides hot and heating discussions of politics and minerals that seem to occupy large space in the Medias and reporting, there is a life and unheard opinions in the remote zones of the Eastern Congo. Compounded within the circular circumstances of violence; disconnected with the world due to lack of electricity and other basic infrastructures, politics seems to have dominated the debate and everyone seems voicing for the ordinary citizens. Regardless politics’ intent, the common saying of politician is that “people are behind us”. However, the Eastern Congo Tribune wishes to break that cycle by closely approaching the reality on the ground as it has hardly tried to do. It seeks to train, send and support local reporters who will bring these local views out and let them heard. The campaign led by a researcher in conflict aims to reflect on the real causes of violence and henceforth contributing to reconciliation and cohabitation among different ethnic groups.

The campaign will cover different aspects of socio-cultural, economic and security conditions in the remote zones with a purpose of advocating for the safer future of ordinary citizens. Your support will help to create a bridge from forgotten zones to our mobile touch screens. I highly appreciate your support and advice. For any advice, please send an email to: