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The Blog’s initiator, whose names are regularly written down on the bottom of different articles/posts, was born in Minembwe and grown up in a remote village of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South-Kivu region, Mwenga county, precisely in Itombwe zone. Though unfortunate, the socio-political and cultural environment in DRC and specifically in the region has forced us to largely lean on community/ethnic identities before identifying as belonging to the state.

However, I will have to apologize that the reader will probably pick this feature up in different discussions as we do hardly dissociate ourselves with these feelings. My experience tends to convince me that the DRC state went lengthy absent in our daily life; we consequently found driven into identities that in turn brought exclusion–discrimination on one hand; frustration–assimilation on the other.

Additionally, the absence of responsible state for decades worsened the socio-economic conditions of the ordinary citizens; while poverty and inequality are rising sharply resulting from illegal accumulation of national resources by rulers. Recently, regional powers have found a breach to widely interfere within the DRC’s fragile socio-political environment; leading to wars, community armed confrontation, targeted killings and massacres etc.

The blog intends to remind few things. Foremost, it stresses that ordinary citizens have to consider that access to national resources through distribution and redistribution is a right that we never have to give it up. The loophole on our side remains to believe that sharing national resources depends on the willingness of “leaders”.

The blog insists on the fate of our people and that of the future generations by calling for the positive change to the extent that everyone must enjoy the inheritance of the potentially rich DRC. Furthermore, there has to be a mechanisms and competent structures subordinated to the sovereign people aiming at distributing and redistributing national wealth. That is, the blog believes that federalism political system would be the appropriate model for managing Congolese socio-cultural and regional diversities away of patronage, nepotism and despotic decisions; easing public services provision that can sustain development.

The blog advocates the use of non-violent means to bring the change. We all have experienced damages accompanying armed confrontations and inter-community violence. There is a need of drawing experience from different places where Congolese, especially those from Eastern part have moved and live as consequence of wars and apply it for the future. It believes that the rule of law, justice, truth and rehabilitation of victims have to be established. However, the blog emphasizes that justice for all; truth and rehabilitation require to be looked into a reconciliatory angle as we still need to live together.

Leaders and state stakeholders are advised to undertake a holistic approach to solve Congolese problems and prevent a possible backsliding by eradicating corruption, embezzlement and mismanagement. Finally, manipulation and interference from regional powers have to be banned as well as resorting to arms to get aired.

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