Moise Katumbi on 2016 Presidential Race: Ticket Number ONE for Independent Candidate or Political Program?

Katumbi a Kamina #NouveauDepart

Moise Katumbi Champwe is the former governor of Katanga Province. He has also been known as close ally of the incumbent President Joseph Kabila. Till recently, he served as key personality within the ruling party, PPRD (Parti du Peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Democratie). The yet known signs of disagreement with his former ally, Joseph Kabila came out when he announced the “faux penalty”. Since then, Katumbi the powerful governor of the rich minerals Katanga has increased criticisms against the ruling party, but especially against the president. He, as do other many opposition leaders, accuses the incumbent president to hold on power; while the incumbent president would have to end his 2e mandate in December 2016.

From yesterday, Katumbi is being cited as presidential nominee of the group of 7 political parties that broke away last year from the Presidential Majority, commonly known as G7. However, Katumbi himself hasn’t yet adhered to the G7, if I’m not mistaken. In addition, the presidential candidate remains ‘vague’ on his political intentions to the extent that; unlike others members of the G7, his political party isn’t yet unknown. The public opinion does neither know if he intends to run for presidential elections nor his political program. The public would also be interested to understand, beyond criticisms, what the Moise’s plan would be to convince the electorate. Nonetheless, what matters in the DRC context is spotting people before presenting what they plan to deliver. That is, convincing electorate looks for shortcuts to get people on board regardless of what is ideal.

In the meantime, Katumbi might be among those advocating for transitional government in case elections won’t be held in November-December for technical reasons. The DRC’s electoral process that the G7 has nominated a candidate is undergoing technical issues as per National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) officials. At this point, one would question a guarantee that led the G7 to nominating a candidate for the presidential race that may probably delay. Are they anticipating to get people on board or they are assured that finally presidential elections are getting timely organized. Katumbi is a candidate for G7, at any price, even if elections would be delayed or not organized till 2017, 2018? Can we think the G7 gesture falls within the process of handling a unique opposition presidential candidate or it is a clue that they will all have to run individually?

In any case, election isn’t an easy task. Even though DRC’s election does unfortunately play with regional or community mobilization, dealing with Congolese problems needs to carefully think on priorities. Therefore, political actors are required to undertake clear plan that would respond to ordinary people’s demands. It’s in this regards that the blogger always wonder what matters between individuals and political programs. There might be a complementarity of these two aspects but candidates sound as fitting if we know what they are planning to do. Otherwise, bring candidates on spot wouldn’t suffice. The society needs to see how fit are these compared to what is promised. Hope these nominations wouldn’t a bluff.

Do ordinary people need elections to occupy these top positions or we are only demanding an improvement of our socio-economic conditions? If the second assertion is right, then we have to go through convincing political programs than nominating individuals. Moreover, the blogger seems sticking that individual personality matters when they have to work within a well-designed schemes. We have to look back on reasons that made Congolese society to stagnate of sliding back since the independence. Thus, thinking on the establishment of an appropriate administrative and political system remains unquestionable. What do you think?

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